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Post  BabyV_3006 on Wed May 13, 2009 12:29 pm

This is the Skandar Amin Casper Keynes's information from ~Rogue~-the girl who have been a moderator of I don't get the responsibilitye if it's wrong.
1.What is the significance of the necklace you always wear?
Oh that! Tilda Swinton gave me that in New Zealand and it’s a greenstone and it’s got like engravings on it which means strength and overcoming life’s difficulties and challenges. Oh and you can’t buy yourself one, you have to get someone else to get you one so Tilda gave it to me.

2.What’s your favourite band?
Urm Queen, Outkast, lots of soundtracks, I really love soundtracks oh and Red Hot Chilli Peppers

3.What’s your favourite colour?
Favourite colour? Urm sometimes blue, yeah sometimes blue, yeah mainly blue!

4.Why were you wearing that purple glove at the Tokyo press conference?
Ah! That glove. (dratted inaudiable bit here – something about chums is all I got). Yeah that conference was the most nerve racking thing I’ve ever done. IF you stand in front of 7,000 people it’s not as bad as that one because there were so many people flashing their cameras and I was like Ahh crap! So yeah….

5.Have you ever met a fangirl and had a personal conversation with her?
Well urm yeh. The last time I spoke to some was like these 3 girls around London. They come and talk to me and I’m always like Ahh and they come over to me and they’re like really cool. And urm yeah they come to my house a lot which is sometimes very odd but yeh, I have conversations with them.

6.Would you like to be an only child or do you prefer to have siblings like you did in Narnia and have in real life?
I prefer siblings….sister..and when you’re like adults and there’s like someone to have other than just being by yourself. And it was quite cool on the set to have like everyone there.

7.When did you get your braces on? And what colours do you usually wear?
Urm well I got my braces on about a year ago on Wednesday and I may be getting them off on Wednesday. I can’t wait. At first I tried colours and then I just didn’t because they attract more attention to your braces. Grey is cool.

8.What did you have written on your hand at the Empire Awards on last Monday?
Urm, hang on I think I’ve still got it on my hand. Urm they’re notes, saying I have Mufti Day and doodling. I’ve actually got my name graffitied on my arm!

9.How many pairs of Converse do you own?
I had the originals, they were my black ones and then they got too old so I spray painted them blue. So I bought another pair and then I’ve got the red pair and then I’ve got these Converse trainers which are kinda like fake Converse and at the moment they’re replacing my normal games kit cos I lost my actual trainers. I always wear the red like never! I’ve worn them twice.

10.What kind of soap do you use?
Soap? I’m just going to have a look. Body shop, my sisters telling me! That’s the bar of soap you find on my sink. I use soap but I’m not like expert on soap. Sorry

11.What’s your favourite type of cheese?
Oo cheese! It’s cool. I like blue cheese, Brie, urm I like cheddar, stilton, yeah Stilton’s good. Oh and with everyone’s name after it you say cheese. So it’s like Nick Cheese and Gordan Cheese and everyone…

12.Do you think Blue M&Ms taste better than the others?
I’m really big on Smarties and Orange smarties they taste the best.

13.When you start shaving, will you use an electric razor or a regular one?
Urm, I actually tried shaving once and used just like a normal razor blade and cut off half my lip and damaged all my skin and it hurt for like 5 days because I didn’t use shaving cream or anything. Won’t be trying that again but I don’t know. Will uses an electric razor, he was like showing off with it in the make-up tent.

14.Boxers or Briefs?
Urm Boxers.

15.What do you think about at 1.20am?
If I’m at a sleepover, I’m probably calculating how much sleep I’m going to have or just thinking things generally, boring things.

16.Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have two cats, kittens, they’re like a year old and ones called Puss and one’s called Boots.

17.What shampoo do you use?
Oh I don’t know what it’s called. It’s like this yellow orangey one. And it’s just there, in the cupboard. Oh here we go, Citrus Shine.

18.Do you use Lynx or anything like that? (actual question, what do you smell like……..)
I did have a bottle but it’s so bad because all of my friends come round and start spraying it all in my room and then I get a lecture and yeah so it always get used up but yeah I have a Lynx thingy.

19.Do you have a middle name?
Yes, can’t remember which way it goes round. Ok it’s Skandar Amin Casper Keynes.

20.Does Anna have Myspace?
Urm I don’t know. I used to have one but I couldn’t get people to leave me alone so I stopped.

21.How do you deal with all the crazy fan girls you have? (from Thomas)
Some else does it not me. Sometimes they come to London and try and see me and my friends are like no it’s not him and sometimes they are like yeah it is him! And shouting.

22.Oh and the inevitable, do you have girlfriend/what’s you love life like?
Urm at this moment and like recently, non existent. But things could change you know but I just like ended something

23.Why do you hate hugs?
I don’t hate hugs! It’s because Will, when he hugs you, tries to suffocate you. He starts squeezing so hard and it’s like OMG. And Anna, she’s like dead patronising, it’s like urgh. And then Georgie is like ah give me a hug. And it’s like OK! And with Andrew all of his long hair sort of gets in the way

24.Is it true you sleep with a teddy bear?
No! I don’t have any sort of stuff animals in my room. I have some cool stuff but not animals.

25.What’s your favourite TV show?
Family Guy. Yeah it’s amazing. I have all the series on DVD and they’re making a fourth. Yeah Family Guy and Scrubs. Me and my friends are always quoting Scrubs!
26.Where would be your ideal place to live?Some really cool place in the Pacific Ocean or the South of France or Spain. Somewhere hot and by a beach. The thing about England is it’s always rainy and cold.

27.Who is your celebrity crush?
Urm, Jessica Alba is pretty cool. I dunno. I don’t obsess about celebrities like some of my friends do.

28.Do you have a religion and if so what is it?
I am an Athiest. I know the films really Christian and everything but it doesn’t really affect me. Oh and you know I’m related to Charles Darwin.

29.What’s your favourite meal?
Nandos! Nandos is like amazing. And Chinese. And then you’ve got pizza! Urm I’m a fan of Indian food but not like an amazingly big fan. Oh and last one fish and chips.

30.Can you give us some prank ideas?
Attacking people from behind when they’re not expecting it! Everytime I go to a friends house and if they haven’t realised I was coming, I walk up behind them and it’s all silent and then they will actually jump a mile. Really. They freak out.
Oh and have as much fun as you can in Art with paint. That’s my bit of advice. Just don’t go spreading it on other people’s work. That never really works out too well. It’s fun to chuck it on each other.

31.How tall are you?
I am 5”5 ½, 5”6! = 168cm ('cuz he was 14 when he answer in this conversation.)

32.Have you worn this T-shirt? everything that she said really in blue
Oh T-shirt woman! What does it mean?! It has something written on it but it’s really confusing I have no idea what it’s on about. Yeah I’ve got and I’ve worn cos you need a white t-shirt.

33. Have you ever been to Finland?
URm no. Sorry. I’ve never been to Finland.

34. Are you going to Memphis next week?
Am I? I should probably check that. I may be now! Don’t think so but it may be a satellite one.

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